Dennis Gill


Chief Financial Officer & Managing Partner


Convex Marketing, Inc.


Dennis Gill is the CFO and Managing Partner at Convex Marketing, Inc. where he assists in formulating the company’s future direction and supporting tactical initiatives.  With a background in the marketing business, Dennis has been known for getting things done and in multiple tenures as an industry leader he helped increase sales by three-fold on various occasions.  With his successes, Dennis decided to retire in 2010 to spend time with his family.  For two years, Dennis enjoyed that time, traveling, discussing recent world events, having an old fashioned BBQ here and there or just camping in the great outdoors but in December of 2012 he was called back with an exciting opportunity in the email marketing space.

Since then he has been working with Convex Marketing, Inc. as the CFO and Managing Partner where he has been labeled a perfectionist and a man with solutions.  Dennis Gill is now taking Convex Marketing to new heights from start up to a higher echelon by applying his expertise in directing implementation of strategic business plans, developing financial and tax strategies, managing capital requests, budgeting processes and developing performance measures that support the company’s strategic direction.

Dennis now feels himself a fortunate recipient of the offer from his stepson to check out the business. As the email marketing industry is always changing, no two days are alike, which provides Dennis with exciting challenges on a daily basis and the ability to overcome and successfully deal with these challenges is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job to him.

As CFO, Dennis’ main objective each day is to communicate with vendors and dealing with banking and legal hurdles that arise.  He also places a strong emphasis on the employees at Convex Marketing and has helped oversee employee benefit plans and worked as the primary for human resources, investor relations, legal, tax, accounting and treasury functions.  Dennis can truly do it all and his skills keep driving Convex Marketing forward towards an elite group of email marketers every single day.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Dennis moved to California in 1962 where he attended Catholic school from first grade (Saint Mary’s of South Amboy) through high school (Saint Francis High School) where he graduated in 1966.  From there Dennis went on to DeAnza Junior College in Cupertino, California and then to the University of San Francisco where he was a member of the dean’s list for several semesters.  It may be obvious why Dennis has been so successful in business, for as he was going to school he loved math and history greatly and always had a fascination with applying new techniques to solve problems that history may not have seen before.  History also lent Dennis perspective, helping him realize that those who came before us truly had tough times and to obtain a true value on where we are today, one needs to reflect on how we got here to appreciate what we have now.  While math and history where enjoyable, Dennis loved astronomy the most.  Growing up in the era of space exploration, Dennis fell into the star gazing craze and bought a few telescopes.  What he saw through the lens piqued his fascination that he still enjoys today as an amateur astronomer.

Today, Dennis Gill loves watching and playing sports, enjoying time with his wife Elizabeth, and spending time with his grandchildren.  When he gets a chance, Dennis also likes to practice some of his hobbies that he’s developed over the years like collecting old coins, riding his motorcycle or attending to one of his many automobiles.  He lives in Laguna Hills, CA.